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Content Chunking done right!

Did you ever hear about Content Chunking? If not, than it’s time to learn more about it, because it helps you to break up content into shorter pieces of information that are easier to understand. Read more about it in the following article.


The definition according to Wikipedia is as follows:

„Chunking is a method of presenting information which splits concepts into small pieces or „chunks“ of information to make reading and understanding faster and easier.“

Content Chunking is so succesful because of the readers who mainly scan the page for some specific information which has to be found fast. Only a few users read the whole content of a page.

So chunked content are for example bulletlists, short subheadings, sentences or paragraphs.

Why Content Chunking Works

The reason why Content Chunking is that useful, is because of our short-term memory. According to George A. Miller we can only hold between five and nine chunks of information. Consequently, the users of your website can remember easier about what they have read, if there are as few as possible chunks with relevant information.

ContenT Chuncking in practice

There is not only one way to make use of Content Chuncking. In the following list I will mention various ways to take advantage of chunked content, but it always depends on your website and content.

1) Sections with Headings

Split your content into understandable sections, which make one or at most two points. After that put a speaking heading on the top of the section.

2) Short Paragraphs

Use short paragraphs which describe one main topic. If possible limit them with around 100 words.

3) Use numbering

To chunk your content you can use numbered lists. Best practice would be to use a number in your title also, for example „5 Ways to chunk content“.

4) Bullet Points

Everyone knows Bullet points and some of you will use them everyday. The good thing about them is, that the act in a similar way like numbers. So they are easy to scan for the users.

5) Read Aloud

The text is often very clear for the writer himself. But if you read the content aloud and think of explaining the information to your friend, is it still clear? If not, you have to change it until it’s fine.


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